Don't cheat yourself!

When eating a clean and healthy lifestyle, it is absolutely fine to have slip-ups, treat days or the occasional cheat! However, it is not  going to work if you keep cheating yourself. When I slip up and eat something I shouldn't, I will acknowledge it and think to myself - this is my first slip up all week, tomorrow is a new day and I will be fine. And I know this is true, one piece of chocolate or a burger will not make you fat overnight, just as one salad will no make you skinny overnight!

NO, what I'm talking about is when we physiologically cheat ourselves, without even realising it sometimes! There are certain times we really cheat ourselves, without even realising we are! Below is a list of our unconscious 'cheats' and how we can conquer them together!

Unconscious Cheats
1. The 'Cover Up' - You know you're going out to dinner with your friends tonight, and you know that they all know that you are trying to eat healthily and clean. Before you go out to dinner, you have a small packet of chips and a mini mars bar. You then meet your friends out for dinner and they both order a big plate of pasta. With a smug look on your face, you order a small salad and give them the explanation 'I'm eating healthy'. NO you are not! Firstly, you should not be eating healthily to impress your friends, and secondly, FOOD STILL COUNTS WHEN YOU'RE EATING IT BY YOURSELF! I honestly used to do this all the time, thinking that if I ate healthily in front of my friends, I'd be a healthier person? If only it was this easy! So how can we not cheat? Simple - eat a healthy diet throughout the day, and when out - order what you'd like! Within reason of course. If you're due for a cheat meal, or you worked extra hard that day at the gym, why not have that small bowl of pasta you've been craving in forever? Otherwise, just order a nice big piece of meat and replace the chips with salad! Remember, food still counts whether you're surrounded by people or not.

2. The 'reasoning' - Well I went for a really big run early this morning, so I guess I can eat junk food all day? Sorry guys, this won't work, especially if you're trying to lose weight! Junk food is exactly what it says JUNK food - food that just should not be put in our bodies. Our ancestors lived off meat and veggies, yet here we are eating so much processed food every day! I want you to have the mindset - 'Well I worked really hard in the gym/park/house this morning, so I will definitely not ruin all my hard work by eating crappy food today. Instead I will fuel my body with healthy vegetables and lots of protein - this way I will see amazing results much faster!'

3. The 'replacements' - So I'm trying to eat healthy right now, and I'm really thirsty. Instead of having soft drink, I'm going to have a big glass of apple juice! And now because I'm hungry, instead of having a white bread sandwich, I'll have wholemeal! GUYS, this will in fact, probably be most of you. You're at the stage where you've made a few replacements to your eating lifestyle - you need to further these and reinforce them right now! I am here to support you, so remember to ask me any questions in relation to this! Push yourself and eat clean and healthy this week! A new week = a new you. Remember I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks back on what to supplement unhealthy foods for!

Please feel free to comment on this post or any others and give me feedback/questions/ideas for new posts! You guys are amazing! :)

E xox.