How to be sober and social

One of my lovely Instagram followers asked me "Could you share some tips on how to still be social but avoid alcohol in these types of situations?". Her question was in reference to a post I'd made about going to a friend's house for drinks & nibblies. I've given up alcohol and caffeine for February, and she was curious as to how I did it. Here it is - how to be sober AND social (at the same time!!!)

How to be sober and social

1. Create situations that do not revolve around alcohol - It can be really hard to be at a party where everyone is drinking, and you're staying sober. While they're getting super fun and happy, you're getting crankier by the minute. Next time you catch up with some friends, why not organise a meet up at a cafe, the beach or a local park? This way, the event does not revolve around alcohol to have fun, rather it relies on talking to one another! Weird, right?!

2. Give yourself a responsibility - If I know I really don't feel like drinking, but cannot be bothered to explain WHY to my friends, I always offer to be the designated driver for the night. I love being sober at the end of the night, driving my friends home and listening to the hilarious babble coming out of their mouths. Another plus of being designated driver is that some pubs & clubs offer free soft drinks and juices to the designated driver - free drinks are awesome whether they are alcoholic or not!

3. BYO non-alcoholic drinks - It can get pretty tiresome trying to explain to people that you're not drinking, and a great way to mask this is to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks. I love bringing small bottles of juice that, to the (very) drunken eye look like some weird alcoholic drink. A great drink that can really fool is the small glass bottles of ginger beer and lemon, lime and bitters.

4. Just be honest - Let's face it, there is absolutely no shame in not wanting to drink- it's so much healthier for you! When people ask why you're not drinking, just tell them the truth! If they can't accept it or try to peer pressure you into drinking, I'd suggest reviewing your friends list. I don't know about you, but I don't want people in my life that cannot support and understand my personal choices!

5. Use the night to your advantage - Remember, people change completely when they are drunk! Use the night to test out a new recipe that you made, to see people's true feelings about it! Listen to people's stories and get to really know your drunk friends. Remember, there is no need to feel self-conscious about not drinking. Dance like you're drunk - no one will notice you're sober!

I hope this small list has helped you to know that being sober is perfectly fine - and you can be happily social and have fun at the same time!

Miss E.
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