5 minutes with... Steph Tugnett from @Stephsayssmile

Steph is really someone that I find inspiring and intriguing. She’s extremely honest, witty and relatable; making her the perfect person to learn from. Introducing Steph from @stephsayssmile.


Tell us about yourself.

 Hi! I’m Steph. I’m originally a Sydneysider but I am now residing in sunny Perth. I am passionate about living a balanced life which encompasses health, fitness and wellbeing but also a life which allows for fun, fabulous food and wine that I can enjoy with my partner, friends and family. Balance is key for me!


How did you first get interested in fitness & health?

I was always active growing up, I did dancing and played netball, but once I left school I left some of the healthy habits behind too. I had the advantage that I could eat and drink what I wanted (with minimal exercise) and not gain weight, however it wasn’t a healthy way to live.


When I turned 30 I noticed that I no longer had the ability to eat anything I desired and the weight crept up on me that year. I really blew out after a month in Europe for my 30TH birthday and that’s when I knew I had to make a change.


I lost the weight thanks to healthy eating and exercise and kept it off, however, in the last 1.5 years my weight has fluctuated a lot. Old habits of being lazy around summer holidays and me not being consistent with eating and exercise saw my results hinder. The last 2 summers saw me gain quite a lot of weight then lose it, then gain it back the following summer.


I have documented my journey on Instagram and I have always been honest with struggles and shared both my highs and lows. I’m finally at a good place health wise and I have been consistent since January of this year. I have vowed that this will mark the first summer that I do not repeat old ways and moving forward I never will go back to my old ways of summer binges.


Your favourite quote?

 “She believed she could, so she did”


Something not many people know about you?

I didn’t try an avocado til I was 28 as I was convinced I would hate them! I am making up for lost time these days though.


What is your ultimate healthy breakfast?

Anything with Eggs! I am a savoury girl all the way. Omelette, poached, fried, scrambled, soft boiled – let’s go.Eggs with rye or sourdough toast, with a smidge of vegemite, a side of spinach and I’m good.


How would you describe your outlook on life?

My outlook is honest and hopeful.

I am a really positive person, and I have recently made peace with the fact that not all days will be positive 24/7.

It is ok to have down moments where you might need a cry or to shut off from the world for a few hours. T

hat can be healthy and just as important as having a laugh.

Be kind to yourself and surround yourself with people you can talk to if you need and don’t judge yourself for needing time or space.


Why do you think you’ve been so successful?

I am open to learning and growing and putting my hand up if I need help.

I am a really passionate person and when I start something in life I like to give it my all.

Consistency, honesty and believing in yourself are the keys to success.


The one piece of advice you would give people trying to begin a healthy lifestyle?

 Be accountable and be organised!

Firstly set a goal e.g. I have gained weight and want to drop a dress size and get back to my fabulous self

How will you achieve that goal? A goal without a plan is a wish! You need to put into place a practical plan to help you achieve your goal.

Research meal plans or reach out to a professional for help with nutrition.

Join a gym or set up a workout space at home and start exercising. If you aren’t confident on your own either get a training buddy, get a workout program to follow or start off with a PT to  help build your confidence.

Track your progress – measure yourself every 4 week and take  progress pictures to see how you are tracking. I still jump on the scales (I know not everyone is a fan) once a week to see where I am sitting.

Tell your friends and family you are starting a new program and ask them to support and encourage you and CHEER you on!

How good does it feel when you have loved ones telling you they are proud of you and what a great job you are doing!

Don’t be hard on yourself! If you are working hard then don’t deprive yourself of a night out with friends, it’s all about balance.

Have a burger or a donut with your girlfriends once a week, hey I do it twice a week! J Life is about balance and enjoying yourself so don’t be hard on yourself for having fun!


How do you keep so motivated?

Once you are in a routine it’s easy to keep going. I like to work out in the afternoons during the week as it suits my lifestyle so I listen to my body and that’s what I do.

I like to prep my meals of an evening or first thing in the morning so my food is sorted for the day and I am not tempted to buy anything naughty or spend money on food I don’t need.

I am self-motivated but I still have days I feel flat and I will text my GF Amanda in Sydney and say “I don’t want to go to the gym” and she will reply “Get your butt to the gym, you will feel better after your workout”.

She is always right, everyone needs a friend like her! Do yourself a favour and get yourself a motivational buddy to help push you and keep you motivated


What do you see for yourself in the future?

Hitting my body & fitness goals come summer 15/16, setting new fitness goals for 2016 and continuing to lead a balanced life and enjoying myself.


A big goal for me is working on my emotional health and wellbeing, something we should never ignore. I am working on this through hypnotherapy and currently looking into meditation, which I hope to share a bit later on my Instagram.


The future for me is also about visualisation – what we think about we bring about. I see my future filled with laughter, love, fun, freedom,  goals, plans, results and SUCCESS!


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