AN ODE TO BLISTER PLASTERS: You had my back (well, feet) when no one else did.

Sponsored by Elastoplast Blister Plasters.

I’m just going to say it; I really, really dislike feet. Sure, they’re a little funky looking, but my feet in particular are super prone to blisters for some weird reason. I’ve tried every remedy under the sun, but when it comes to wearing shoes that I can’t wear bed socks with (I KNOW, BUT THEY ACTUALLY WORK!), I normally give up and just don’t wear them.

With all my recent travelling (and a heck of a lot of hiking), I was dreading the thought of slipping my feet into my hiking boots again. Sure, they’re super comfortable and supportive, but they rub my feet the wrong way and left them in tatters last time I wore them.

You know when you have a blister that is SO bad you can hardly walk? It doesn’t just stop you enjoying getting around, but it can also really affect your mood and ability to get motivated and passionate about getting outdoors and exploring. Growing up, there were no such things as dedicated blister plasters. Instead, we were handed a bandage that didn’t stick to your foot, instantly came off in water and provided no extra cushioning to protect your poor little blistered skin.

CUE MY LIFESAVER, the new Elastoplast Blister Plaster. These babies have saved me from a lifetime of pain on this trip, particularly when you’re looking at 8km hikes through Lake District every day! After my last hike, I was literally left crying on the side of the road (much to Jamie’s dismay!) and refused to go on. I ended up taking my shoes off and walking the last kilometre teary and barefoot.

At this stage, I was really ready to give up on the idea of hiking. We were in one of the most beautiful hiking locations in the entire world, and here were my poor blister-covered feet, aching like they would never get better. You know that feeling? Each step sends a searing pain up your leg, and your brain screams “NO!” as your feet drag along the ground. That’s when I remembered I had a pack of the new Elastoplast Blister SOS plastersPlasters in my backpack thanks to our recent collaboration.


Let me just be perfectly clear now; when I was approached by Elastoplast to work with them, I was skeptical. I’ve always been prone to bad blisters, and I’d never endorse a product I don’t fully believe in. When I strapped one of those beauties onto my foot, it was almost instant relief. The soft, gel cushioning of the plaster really did make my blister feel protected and less painful.

I’m happy to report the next morning when I slipped on my hiking boots for the next 8km trek, I felt like a new woman. My feet were supported, protected and most importantly, felt brand new. I smashed my hike that day, and I’m happy to report it was because of the Elastoplast Blister Plasters .

They’ve been a lifesaver on this trip so far, and I’m stoked to be able to say I’m really proud to be working with such an iconic brand. Here’s to smashing these next few hikes and not having to stop in pain halfway through!!

This post has been sponsored by Elastoplast, however opinions are my own. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your health care professional.