The tell-tale signs that you need to change jobs.

As millennials, statistics are predicting that we’ll change jobs 3x more than our predecessors, with higher workplace expectations and a yearning for career satisfaction being a couple of the culprits.

 With the emergence of social media and work culture now more analysed than ever, workplaces are rising to the challenge to motivate and inspire us.

Gone are the days where it was acceptable to sit at a desk and mindlessly type for 8 hours straight. Workplaces need to offer more than just a free lunch to say they have great “office culture”, and it’s something that quite a few businesses are now beginning to implement.

But is it enough? If you’re finding yourself relating to more than a few of these points, it may be time to reevaluate your choice of workplace.

Every morning you wake up with dread.

It’s more than normal to wake up on a Monday and groan, but it’s not normal to wake up every day and genuinely feel angry, annoyed or depressed about work. Your workplace is somewhere you spend a heck of a lot of time, so if you’re not enjoying going to work, I’m going to bet you’re not loving the actual work either.

You surf the net most of the time at work.

You’ve got a ridiculous amount of time to waste at work, so you spend it reading Reddit threads, online shopping and social media. It’s not that you’re not a dedicated worker, it’s just that the work is too easy. Which leads us to the next point…

You don’t feel motivated.

If you’re in a job you love and you’ve got nothing to do, you reach out for more work. You genuinely want to learn more and know that by doing more work you’ll get ahead. Without motivation at work, you’re left to feel useless. When you’re in a team that motivates you, you’ll be far more inclined to work harder, smarter and faster. Zero motivation = zero passion.

You don’t feel appreciated.

This is perhaps the biggest one of all, and the difference between millennials and baby boomers. We all love feeling appreciated, but when it comes down to it, millennials want to focus more on just ROI. We want to feel like we’ve made a difference, and know that our work has contributed to the business as whole. 

You can’t see the bigger picture.

When you can no longer visualise yourself even trying for that next promotion or working for your current company in a year, then you’ve officially outworked your work. When work becomes just a way to pay your rent and nothing else, it’s time to move on. Why spend another second of your life working a job that you genuinely don’t enjoy?

The bottom line is that millennials are the first generation to truly have a shift in perspective of what a full time job entails. The craving for leaving work each day feeling like we’re doing our bit to contribute and getting appreciated to do so is more real than ever. And if we’re not changing the world - we simply move on until we are!