SKN-RG Wave Facial at SenSpa #TriedandTested

From the moment you step into SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel, you’re transported into a different world. The luxury Thai spa offers an escape from everyday life, and is the very epitome of relaxation and rest.

SenSpa is an award winning Thai spa located in the heart of the New Forest National Park, and offers over 50 different treatments for patrons. Boasting more than 22,000 square feet of spa, SenSpa is the spa that keeps giving. With some of the of the most extensive facilities in the UK, I was excited to be invited for the weekend to try the facilities and their latest treatment, the SKN-RG wave facial.

SKN-RG facial senspa careys manor hotel

Developed by Deborah and Robert Scott, the SKN-RG regimes uses Quanta wave technology to send vital energy to the points where it is needed most. It works with hand-selected organic ingredients to pulse beyond the surface of the skin, and is a very immersive experience that leaves you feeling on cloud nine.

I was welcomed into SenSpa and given a herbal tea, whilst my therapist talked through my skin and tried to get an understanding of my worry points. I’ve always had combination skin, with hormonal acne plaguing me in recent years and my ever-faithful oily t-zone demanding attention.

After we’d sorted through my skin issues, it was time for the facial. I was led to a divine Thai treatment room, where there was a soothing meditation track playing the background, crystal chakras on display and a heated bed waiting for me. When I was ready, my therapist Lord came in and explained the process to me.

For the next 90 minutes, I was transported to another world. I’d say I was relaxed, but it doesn’t do the experience justice. The facial uses sound waves that travel through the body and face, which leads to increasing vitality at a cellular level.

senspa at careys manor hotel

I’m no expert when it comes to ‘chi’, but the cutting-edge processes used in the SKN-RG wave facial reduce the key protein responsible for the ageing process. Throughout the 90 minutes sound waves are transported from your toes to the very top of your head, with what I can only describe as vibrating rocks.

There are organic mists sprayed into the air throughout the treatment, filling your senses with calm. The facial itself was divine, and used all of the certified organic and vegan products that SKN-RG produces themselves.

This isn’t any ordinary facial – this is a once in a lifetime experience that restores the mind, body and spirit. I can’t recommend the SKN-RG Wave Facial enough, and all I can say is – be prepared for the unknown. Trust your therapist, listen to the process and let your soul relax at SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel with SKN-RG.

Ellie ParkerComment