Our 12 Day Campervan Itinerary around Iceland

So, you've decided that you're going to tackle Iceland in only a campervan, good spirits and a billion warm layers of clothing? Oh my friend, YOU have made a wonderful decision. The (near) two weeks I spent exploring Iceland were some of the most memorable in my entire life, and I want to share my beloved itinerary with you.

I spent ages researching where to go, what to see and when to go, and I couldn't find just one itinerary I really liked. Below is just a rough listicle of where we went/what we did/where we stayed each night, but feel free to add and alter it as you please. 

Remember, the Ring Road needs a minimum of 7 days to truly enjoy the landscape and to see most of the country, and if that's all you've got then I'd suggest skipping the West Fjords as they're a difficult drive. Enjoy! x 

girl at geysir iceland

Day One

-       Picked up Kuku Campervan  from Reykjavik

-      Drive around Pingviller, Geysir and Gullfoss (Golden Circle)

-       Flúðir Campsite 1500ISK per person (shower, bathroom, wifi near office, outdoor seating, no charging)


Day Two


-       Seljandrafoss waterfall

-       Gljufrabui waterfall (climb through cave, left of waterfall)

-       Skogafoss waterfall with 520 steps

-       Dyraholaey & Reynishverfisvegur – black sand beaches

-       Campsite VIK: 1500 per person, no hot showers but had to pay 200 per person, fast wifi, indoor charging area, bathrooms, kitchen

-       Climb the hill to view church and get an awesome view of Vik



Day Three

-       Hjorleifshofdi – haunted mountain hike. Set aside 3 hours round trip. Very steep, wear hiking boots. Take path on left and then come down mountainside.

-       Horgsland campsite – 1000ISK Communal area, great kitchen, wifi (barely there), only one shower, 2 bathrooms, great and peaceful


Day Four

-       Hoffel hotpots: These hotposts cost 1000ISK to gain access to, but they're worth it. 

-       Jokularson: An absolute MUST do. Possibly the most beautiful place in all of Iceland. 

-       Other smaller glacier Fjallsarlon

-       Camped in the wild, saw the Northern lights: While camping in the wild is illegal in Iceland, you can always do what we did and went door knocking to see if anyone would let us camp on their property. We found a lovely farmer who didn't mind; and we saw the lights that night! 


Day Five

-       Glacier walk with Glacier Adventure (left from Hali Country Hotel): An absolutely unreal experience that I can't recommend enough. You can read my full review of it HERE.

-       Drove through from Hofn to Egliastor: We took the long route through the mountains, and it was incredibly picturesque. It was like we were in another world, and the photos can't even begin to do it justice. We were so high at one point that we were driving through the clouds!

-       Egilsstaðir Camping - 1500ISK per person which included a shower and toilet use. 



 Day Six

-       Dettifoss waterfall

-       Mytavan Nature Baths

-       Grjotagja Cave GOT

-       Hverir mud baths

-       Camped at Hamar Akureryi campsite: 1700ISK per person and a little out of town. Great hot showers and cooking facilities.



Day Seven

-       Akureyri Botanic Gardens: Absolutely stunning and well worth a walk through.

-       Akureryi Christmas Shop: This is a MUST stop. Make sure you get some freshly baked cookies and explore the life sized advent calendar. 

-       Fosslaug Hot Springs: If you can find these hot springs, you will LOVE them. Quite the challenge but well worth it. 

-       Camp at Saeburg Campground: 1400ISK per person, and this includes the use of the hot tubs there! Absolute bargain and beautiful facilities. 


Drangajokull Glacier

Day Eight

-       Drive through the West Fjords

-       Visit the Holmivik Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft: a very unique experience.

-       Drive to Kaldolen and then hike to Drangajokull Glacier

-       Camp overnight at Tangudalar : 1700ISK per person. Small but does the job!



Day Nine

-       Visit Djandi Waterfall and hike to the top

-       Check out the oldest steel ship in Iceland

-       Hike the Bird Cliffs

-       Stop for a million photos while you’re driving through the clouds

-       Camping: For the life of me, I can't remember where we camped! There are plenty of places though, just be sure to find somewhere with a hot shower.


Budir Black Church

Day Ten

-       Kayaking in Stykkisholmur with Arctic Adventures. You can read the full review HERE! 

-       Yrti Tunga to watch seals

-       Budakirkja Black Church

-       Selvallavatn (waterfall experience)

-       Camp at Olafsvik (showers, bathroom, tiny common area, outdoor area, 1100ISK)



Day Eleven

-       Kirkjufell mountain: the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland, this beauty is definitely worth a stop. 

-       Vatnshellir cave

-       Londgrangar lookout

-       Mosskogar camping - this was a great campsite that was super private and beautiful. It is family owned and lovely to stay at. Beware; the showers are outdoor so if you need one prepare to be chilly!



Day Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen (No campervan needed) 

-       Arrive in Rekyjavik

-       Stay in an AirBNB (much cheaper!)

-       Go explore and see all the epic street graffiti

-       Arctic Adventures Tour Snorkelling (Read the full review HERE)

-       Arctic Adventurers Tour Snowmobiling on a glacier (Full review HERE)

-       Go on the Gray Line Tours Game of Thrones tour (Full review HERE)

-       Go check out the Blue Lagoon (Full review HERE


 I hope you enjoy this itinerary and that is comes in handy! Iceland is (dare I say it) the most beautiful country in all of the world, and I urge you to spend as much time there as you possibly can. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before.

E x



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