A Guide to Keswick.

My absolute favourite part of our entire trip to the Lake District was Day 3, and that's because we stayed in beautiful accommodation and experienced ALPACALY. If you've ever been enticed by the thought of walking your own alpaca around  divine gardens for 90 minutes (who hasn't!?), then Alpacaly Ever After will be your favourite thing too. 


PLAY: Alpacaly Ever After

You all know I’m completely and utterly obsessed with animals. I can’t help it. There’s something about their extreme loyalty and pure innocence that makes my heart sing. When I was given the chance to experience an entire 90 minutes with alpacas, I couldn’t say no.

The Alpacaly Ever After tour is held at the Lingholme Estate in XX, and they’re some of the most beautiful grounds I’ve ever seen. The grounds aren’t all open to the public, but the magical thing about the tour is you get an exclusive look BTS with the tour, as you’re walking the alpacas in the private grounds.

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STAY: The Keswick Country Club Hotel

After our massive day, we were looking forward to settling down, having a shower and checking out our accommodation for the night in Keswick. Let me just say, the Keswick Country Club Hotel is absolutely divine. The rooms are massive, the staff are extremely friendly and the food is served is easily the best I’ve ever had at a hotel.

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PLAY: Drive round the country side
The best part about the Lake District is easily just how beautiful the scenery is. Everywhere you look there is scenery that looks like it’s come straight from a postcard. It’s surroundings are places that I thought I’d only ever dream of, yet here we were in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I can’t recommend hiring a car enough, but a small word of warning; be prepared for narrow roads. The roads are tiny and winding, and there are more blind corners in a strip of 500m then there are in the entire state of New South Wales. We learnt VERY quickly to take corners slow, that speed limits are difficult to locate and that locals are very confident drivers.

In saying that, if you’re able to handle the drive (which we both did quite easily), you’ve got nothing to worry about. We spent a few hours on our third day just exploring the roads. The more enticing the turn off, the more likely we probably turned down it. We ended up seeing some gorgeous old buildings, wildlife and views by not following a map. I’d highly recommend hiring a car (we went with Hertz who were a great option if you’re under 25), and I promise you won’t regret it.