STAY: The Kirkstile Inn in Loweswater.

Out of everywhere we stayed, the Kirkstile Inn was easily the most far out. We took a long winding road that seemed to go forever, and when we finally reached the Kirkstile Inn we were gobsmacked.

This majestic piece of history lies in the stunning fells of the North West Lake District, and is more than 400 years old. It has provided food and shelter since Tudor times, and offers 11 historical rooms including a family suite, log fires, oak beams and an insane jump back in time.

One thing about the Kirkstile Inn was that it was the most historically accurate place we stayed at. From the furniture to the complete lack of reception, everything about it made you feel like you’d been transported to a time 400 years ago, where life was a lot more simple.

As two young women that are totally addicted to technology (I’ll admit it!), it was a lovely time to refresh from technology and get our phones out of our hands… a complete rarity! When we arrived we sat outside in the beer garden, and enjoyed a pint of cider and shared the baked brie (an absolute must do!).

The room itself was super cute, and everything about it was traditional. From the carpet in the bathroom to the old fashioned bedspreads, the clocks really have turned back in time at the Kirkstile Inn. While the furnishings were a step back in time, the comfort was definitely not. The facilities are great, with our bathroom having a gigantic bathub that looked onto the very fells that so many people rave about.

The breakfast provided in the morning was absolutely delicious, and it’s little wonder that Kirkstile’s team of 6 chefs are constantly praised. Their home-cooked meals are truly scrumptious and they place great emphasis on their use of the local Cumbrian and Lake District Suppliers.

While it’s not very close to other restaurants or popular tourist attractions, Kirkstile Inn offers something that many cannot; absolute serenity. It’s one of the few places I’ve ever visited where I felt totally at peace. No distractions, no nonsense. If you’re after the ultimate digital detox or want to stay somewhere that you’ll find peace, I can’t recommend the Kirkstile Inn enough.