The best car hire in London – the Virtuo app.

Living in London is brilliant; public transport is reliable, expansive across the city and runs almost constantly. When you look at trying to leave the constraints of the English capital, public transport can really let you down.

Delayed trains, 8 hours bus-trips and sporadically designed timetables means it can be difficult to see what you want, when you want. Since I moved to London from Australia, I’ve tried to do something every weekend. Whether it’s been to travel to a European country or to have a weekend away in the English countryside, I’ve been on a mission to see as much of the Northern Hemisphere as possible.

virtuo uk app review car hire

I’ve found myself in the past few months using varying car hire companies, all claiming to be the best, the cheapest and the easiest. When Virtuo approached me to work with them, I was sceptical. They looked too good to be true, but as it turns out, they were just bloody good.

Virtuo is the new shiny kid on the block, with a fleet of new Mercedes GLAs & A-Class cars that would make any car-lover (or normal person) giddy. With all the latest gadgets including Bluetooth, navigation, leather seats and automatic transmissions (thank the lord, these are hard to find in London!), the fleet is a dream come true. Virtuo operates through their app, and having previously worked in apps, I can confidently confirm it’s a goodie.

Virtuo uk car hire rent app review

You simply register your details with Virtuo, and they’ll approve them within 24 hours. Then, you can choose which car you want to hire, and from where. We chose a Mercedes GLA and picked it up from Marble Arch. It was located in a very secure car park, and the instructions were just so clear and easy to follow.

The entire process from start to finish was flawless, including the ‘downloadable’ key for the car (no card or keys necessary!). I’ve never driven a Mercedes let alone a semi-decent car, and getting behind the wheel was just insane. I never particularly enjoy driving, but the ride was so smooth, the car so powerful and the interior so chic I couldn’t help myself.

For luxury vehicles, Virtuo offers very reasonable prices. We hired a GLA Mercedes all day (12 hours) for £90, which is only a little more expensive than the norm, but double the fun and luxury. The best part about Virtuo is you can add up to four other drivers, for free. With other companies, I’ve previously had to pay up to £100 PER TRIP just to add another person onto the bill. Virtuo is great for group trips, or even splitting the time with your partner for a luxe weekend escape away.

You can download Virtuo HERE, and give it a try for yourself. I can’t recommend it more highly, and I’m already planning my next trip with them.

** This review was sponsored by Virtuo, but all words and opinions are my own.

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