An Ode to Dry Shampoo

Dear Dry Shampoo,

I’ve used you for a long time and no doubt now take you for granted, but I just wanted to say Thank You. Thank you for being you. You’ve saved me from sweaty hair more times than I can count, and have taken me from grease ball to glamour in less than 20 short seconds.  Consistently for the last 5 years I’ve doused my sweaty head in your glorious spray of cornstarch, often going through a whole can a week. You make my hair feel voluptuous, squeaky clean and shiny like it’s not really SO disgusting.

In fact, I've been learning a lot about you. Instead of using you as a last resort, I was given the advice to use you as a preventative. As soon as I wash & dry my hair, I pull you and coat a protective layer in my hair. You've really changed my life for the better my dear friend.

Recently, I’ve started to experiment with you. I read somewhere that you can do far more than just fix dirty hair, and I prayed that it was true. And you know what? IT IS!

You’ve become my number one gym-bag buddy. I’ve started yoga recently, and at my first class I slipped mid-pose on my hands and fell flat on my face. Not fun. Next class, I pulled your trusty can out, coated my hands and feet and you kept me steady and composed the whole class, even warranting a “Great balance” comment from my rather picky yoga teacher. You’re my secret weapon when it comes to yoga, and I’m happy to share that with the world. Gripping that mat is now such a breeze.

But that’s not all you’ve done for me. The man in my life seems to really suffer from smelly feet… and you come to his rescue too. Just a little spritz in both shoes, and they no longer smell heinous. You take away the odour, and the fights about whether shoes should be kept outside – (the answer is yes, they definitely should!)

You’re ALSO now my go-to brow tamer. I’ve tried gels, powders and weird eyebrow glues , but nothing tames them quite like you do. Just a tiny spray on both eyebrows at the start of the day, and they stay exactly where I position them. Eat your heart out Cara Delevingne!

Dry Shampoo, my dear friend - I can’t imagine life without you! Whether you’re taming my brows, fixing smelly shoes or upping my yoga game, I just wanted to say thank you, and that you are and will remain forever and truly loved.

Love Elle xxx

P.S Batiste from Priceline is the absolute BOMB and is so damn cheap - get on it people! x

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