Why you NEED a new water bottle: The best water bottles to buy.

BY Ellie Parker

Water. We all know we need the stuff to survive, but are you drinking enough water? Probably not, according to the latest study from SodaStream - with 15% people admitting they drink more alcohol than water sometimes.

Drinking water seems simple enough, but we often push it to the end of out priority list. Our bodies are made up of more than 60% water, yet I’m sure most of us consume more alcohol/juice/soda than pure water throughout the normal working week.

Dehydration can affect brain function and cause headaches, migraines, overeating, constipation – and worsen a hangover (by a million!).

Did you know that studies have shown that by drinking 2 litres of water a day can burn up to 100 calories in a day? Or that drinking just half a litre of water has shown to increase metabolism by up to 30% for over an hour? That’s only ONE bottle of water – drink up!

The secret to consuming enough water? Invest in a solid water bottle. It sounds obvious, but buying a great water bottle will not only make you want to actually use it (and drink water), you’ll save yourself the odd $4 on bottled water, that ain’t good for your wallet or the environment.

In recent years, the vicious cycle of buying/drinking/littering plastic bottles has gone through the roof. 50 BILLION single use bottles are purchased each year in the U.S (alone!) and 1500 of them are discarded every SECOND. Yep… try and figure out how many that is in just 24 hours – a freakin’ lot!

Here are a few of my absolute FAVOURITE water bottles that are out on the market at the moment, and which one would suit who. I'd love to know your favourite water bottle at the moment - please leave the name in the comments below.



Don’t let the unusual shape of this gorgeous bottle put you off – I’ve found this to be the absolute best part of the bottle. Shaped to fit in a backpack with textbooks, in a satchel or just look fabulous in your hand, the Memobottle is truly unique and comes in either A5 (holds 750mL) or A6 shape (holds 375mL). The bottles are made from plastic, but as the website highlights “It’s a common belief that plastic is the devil. However, due to the monstrous embodied energy in aluminium and stainless steel products, (considering raw material to product) reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more environmental friendly than their counterparts.” – Interesting, right?! 


KOR Sport Water Bottle

Need a bottle that is designed for running/on-the-go/training hard and sick of buying cheap plastic bottles? Look no further, the Kor Sport Water Bottle has your back. This unique bottle has been technically engineered to make hydration easy when you exercise. All it takes is one push of a one-hand button and the spout comes out, allowing you to sip and go. This bottles comes in 5 colours and holds 650mL – the perfect size!


Bobble Classic

Ever since I can remember, I’ve used a Bobble water bottle. The original bobble is a great alternative to a single-serve plastic bottle that you’d normally buy and throw out straight away. These bottles are really handy thanks to their unique filtering system. The activated carbon filter has a slight electro-positive charge, making it attract certain chemicals that we don’t want to consume. It seriously blows my mind how easy this bottle is to clean, and it’s so light you don’t even notice you’re carrying it. The lid comes in a cute colour to suit everyone and this is a great bottle for someone who is trying to start the habit of drinking water.



If you’re looking for sports luxe, you can’t go past BKR. They are the most stunning water bottles, that were developed by two young friends who wanted “to drink from something clean, clear, soft and beautiful that felt like a couture accessory and not camping equipment”. Each season BKR releases new collections, that are inspired by runway trends across the world. The bottles come in 3 sizes – 250mL, 500mL and 1L; something for everyone. They’re made of glass and come in more colours than you could ever imagine.




These stainless steel bottles are absolutely divine. They come in a range of colours, and are kind to the environment. Their head office is located in South Golden Beach (Australia) and they’ve been involved with Coast Conversation for more than 15 years. The bottles are ocean inspired, meaning beautiful hues of greens & blues dominate their collection. The best part? Not only can you use them to keep your water cold or your coffee hot (for up to 12 hours) – they also recommend and encourage you to use them for wine as well. A real win for everyone!



LULULEMON H20m Water bottle

I’ve been a Lululemon addict for as long as I can remember, and their water bottles are just as long-lasting & visually appealing as their clothing. The H20m glass water bottle is the perfect companion for yoga classes and gentle workouts. It comes in so many colours (my favourite is dragonfly) and is BPA free, meaning no harmful chemicals! The lid has a hook on it as well, and I will often loop my yoga towel through the hook and carry it – super handy.