I'm the Queen of Excuses, and it's ALL about to change.

I’m just going to say it; I’ve mastered the art of excuses. I’ve learnt to make excuses so well, that I’ve begun to convince myself they’re legitimate excuses. You know the type… they begin as little white lies to yourself, and then you’ve somehow convinced yourself that it’s actually a real reason not to do something.


Can’t afford a gym membership? Can’t exercise.

Don’t have a proper kitchen to cook in? Can’t eat healthy.

Strongly dislike my body? Wallow in self pity.

Can’t find the time to write? Ah well, I won’t.

He treated you like you were nothing? Maybe he was having a bad day.

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If this sounds like you my friend, I’m here to let you know that we’ve got an issue. I didn’t realise how bad my excuse making was getting, until I decided to set an alarm the other morning to go for a run.


I set the alarm for 7am, and slept through it and woke up at 7:15am. Of course, this meant I simply couldn’t go for the run, as that 15 minutes was SO precious. Nope, I just sat in bed and finished the Netflix episode I’d fallen asleep watching.

body transformation photo before and after

Here I am world, letting you all know that I’m DONE with the excuses.


I’m sick of feeling crap about my body.

I’m sick of not exercising.

I’m sick of eating junk food 24/7.

I’m sick of drinking copious amounts of alcohol.


And I’m bloody sick of all these pathetic excuses that have found their way into my everyday vocabulary.


It’s time for a change, and I’m hoping there might be one or two of you that may feel the need to join me. It’s time to say cya later to those excuses, to those niggly thoughts that are stopping us from achieving our goals.

sweaty back bickram yoga

As my dad would say, if you want it, just bloody do it. And oh boy, do I want to feel fit and healthy again. I want to go for a run and not be out of breath in less than 5 minutes. I want to go to the gym and feel confident in the weights section. I want to try on a pair of jeans and not feel depressed every time they don’t fit over my thighs. I want to love myself again.


So here’s my very public vow about getting back in shape. There is no one that can help me except myself, but I’m hoping you, my dear reader, may be able to help me on this journey. Just by reading this article, I’ve let you know that I’m about to begin this journey.


It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. I’ve signed up with the gym, written down my goals and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve got my mojo back. Only time will tell, but here’s to us; the prolific excuse makers and breakers.

P.S this post is filled with old photos of myself, to motivate myself. 


E x



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