Why we ALL need to slow down.

 I’ve always been a forward planner, having weeks (if not months) mapped out. Coffee dates, work catch-ups and weekly gym classes were plastered throughout my beloved diary, and for a while there, I loved it.

I loved the feeling of being busy all the time, and never having down time. It sounds weird to type it out, but I almost felt like if I stopped for a break, I was somehow failing.

Failing at being a good friend.

Failing at being a worthwhile employee.

Failing at being a ‘fit’ girl.

Failing at being a daughter.

And you know what? I burnt myself out so bad. I ran myself so far into the ground that I developed an intense stress rash, lost my motivation and became a former shadow of myself.

Life is so much more than scheduled coffee dates and gym classes you’re locked into, it’s about living in the moment. It’s about being able to drop everything and go for that bike ride, or to see that distant cousin that has randomly messaged you and told you they’re in your neighbourhood for a night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being organised. I still meticulously handwrite all my important appointments into my diary, but I no longer fill it to the brim.

By not having a spare moment to yourself, it’s inevitable that you’re going to burn out, which is why we all need to slow down. Promise yourself that you’ll schedule in at least one weekend a month that is just yours.

You can fill it with activities on the day, but allow yourself to have that one weekend where it’s completely free until that day. It means you can have a sleep in, or get up really early and go for a run. It means you could do last-minute brunch with your elderly neighbour, or perhaps try that free Pilates class down the road.

If you’re finding you’re burning yourself out, remember to schedule time for YOU. Take a deep breath, and remember that you are number one. YOU GOT THIS x