The 9 Beauty Hacks you NEED to try... according to Reddit!

We see countless ‘beauty hacks’ pop up in our newsfeed every day, but do they actually work? I’ve trawled through the Reddit beauty boards (there are waaaaay too many!) to find the best beauty hacks that genuinely work.

I can personally attest that I've tried and tested ALL of these, and I was really surprised with the results. From using sanitizer as emergency deodorant to the ol' scrunchies on the wrists trick, these hacks will go above and beyond your wildest beauty dreams. 




"My hair is naturally wavy but every time I let it air dry it would just get frizzy and wild. I learned that when I pat my hair dry with a towel it causes the frizz. So now I use an old t-shirt to help soak up the extra water..... no more frizz! Just pretty beach wavy hair. Something about the fabric of a t-shirt being less rough and harsh than a bath towel." - TOASTYTOES18

" Wash your pillow cases as often as you can. Just throw 'em in with every load of like coloured laundry you do. It will work WONDERS for your skin and hair." - What_a_cat_astrophe



"Always carry around a small bottle of nice-smelling hand sanitizer. If you start to feel like your deodorant isn't doing its job and you're less than fresh in your armpits, rub the hand sanitizer there. It kills the smelly bacteria and leaves you smelling perfume-y." - Formicadr

"Advil Liquid gels for those pesky zits! Cut one open and just dab a tiny amount to the inflamed area. Works almost instantly to reduce the redness and the swelling." - Kellephant

"Putting hair scrunchies on your wrists when washing your face to prevent elbow drippage." - NimetonTytto

"Sugar (brown is my favourite for the right size of grains) + some kind of oil (olive, apricot, coconut) on dry skin right before showering = best thing ever. I also use it on my face. Leaves me glowing, and feeling so good in my own skin. So cheap, so efficient!" - Oernstrup



"If you use loose setting powder on your face after primer but before foundation, it helps control oil and mattify for much longer than just primer/foundation/powder alone. Use it just on your nose or your t-zone for extra oil control on combo skin." - Almalexia

Wash makeup brushes with a mixture of baby shampoo and regular, unscented hand soap (such as Dial) to clean and disinfect. Reshape and lay out cleaned brushes on a wash cloth and let dry overnight." - Lucidviolet

"Olive oil as a makeup remover for any skin type - olive oil is one of the oils most similar to our own skin oil so our skin loves it, oil dissolves makeup way better than any makeup remover I've used and it is a lot gentler too. I massage olive oil into my face and remove with plain baby wipes then get rid of the residue with a foaming cleanser or you can just leave the olive oil to sink in if you have drier skin or for a 'treat'!" - TheHeianPrincess