Ripped Jeans & Leather

Yesterday marked "International Women's Day", and it really left me feeling inspired. It's 2017, and as women we are truly capable of doing anything and everything. We're now in an age where if we don't like something, don't want to do it or just aren't interested, we can just say NO.

How does that relate to this latest fashion post? It doesn't really, except for the fact that this outfit is my favourite because I feel masculine in flats, feminine in heels and a bloody rockstar all over. It's 2017, and this is my go-to look from the office to drinks.

Chuck on a leather jacket over your shoulders, swap the Superstars for a pair of nude heels and you're ready for anything that the night may bring. Extra kudos as usual to my incredible roommate, @aaronjamess_ for taking these beautiful images and giving me direction.